Preserve the architectural style creating a simple solution in a big scale signage system.

Wayfinding is crucial for ensuring that people can easily navigate and find their way in unfamiliar environments, which is especially important in public spaces such as airports, train stations, hospitals, and universities.

The Retiro Terminal Station was declared National Historical Monument in 1997. As visual comunicators and designers, we believe it needed a sign design that worked for both the users and the patrimonial architecture.

With these premises in mind, we developed an ethereal and light sign system, adapted to the architecture, creating a natural ecosystem without big materials or supports that could potentially damage the station environment. The joints of the columns helped us think of a modular, dynamic and transparent system and the ironwork of the windows inspired us to design a font called “Retiro font”, which highlights the DNA of this marvelous architectonic building.

Retiro señales
Retiro bondi
Retiro cartel
Retiro tickets
Retiro larga distancia
Retiro taxi

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