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We make brands take off.

No matter what the destination is, we like to think of the design process as a journey. Strategy is the starting point that will define the route of a business.

From problem recognition to graphic design, these are the 3 stages we go through in order to make a brand grow:

Take Off

The client approaches the Crew with a problem to be solved. Together, they collaborate in the analysis of the brand and come up with a suitable strategy. This strategy will guide every future decision to build a solid identity.


Fasten your seatbelts! It’s time to translate the strategy into a unique, innovative and appropriate visual language to be later applied in various pieces. Logotypes are just the beginning of a complete graphic system.


This is where the flight ends and the journey begins. The final results arrive at destination and meet people. At this point, it is important to keep the brand moving to achieve positioning and gain engagement. That’s why we like to maintain a relationship with the client, to help them communicate consistently and deliver high-quality design daily.

Branding Talks

We talked with different companies’ CEOs to know what place does branding hold in their company’s investment.
Branding Talks is a relaxed conversation space with our clients about their brands. The goal is to discover: How important branding is?