A new bold and beautiful branding that evoque a vigorous legendary figure.

“Caudillo Cine” is a young producer company founded by Diego Amson and Fernando Salem, producer and director of the award winner argentinian film “Cómo funcionan casi todas las cosas” (How almost all of the things work)

“Caudillo Cine” makes fiction films, documental, animation series, TV shows, commercials and production services.

The isologotype is synthetic and simple, merging the two most important elements of the brand, the “Caudillo” and the cinema. The color palette represents the colors of the ray of light of the projectors when they screen visual content. Using these elements together, we managed to associate the brand to the cinema in a simple and accurate way.

Caudillo logo
Caudillo hoja
Caudillo rec
Caudillo tarjeta
Caudillo vidriera

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