More than an iconographic system, an entire Branding universe.

Co creative community.

Neighborhood branding involves creating a unique identity and image for a particular area to attract and retain residents, visitors, and businesses.

The identity of a neighborhood is an anarchic construction, a succession of events, objects, places, structures, habits, personalities, cultures and traditions that over time build up complex features that are difficult to grasp and fully understand.

This identity is made up of different elements: significant events with emblematic protagonists, objects and places, buildings and public spaces where cultures and traditions build a story with complex, profound and infinite qualities. It flows, it is dynamic, it changes over time and it transforms as its actors change.

150 years of Olivos is a project focused on the creation of the neighborhood´s graphic identity based on the stories and memories of its people. Working together with the community, it is possible to discover and define icons that truly represent the neighborhood and its essence.

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