A large scale branding project focused on neighborhood collaborative participation.

A Large-Scale participatory design project

idBrooklyn is about making something that people from all walks of life can take pride in. We encourage participation and community in the process, whether it’s between the multi-ethnic neighborhoods or amongst an international community of people that believe in design for the greater good.

Participatory icon design

We create simple and attractive icons that visually explain the unique cultural facets of Brooklyn. We want the graphic identity to be something enjoyed by all, not an abstract logo that says nothing and that nobody can relate with.
Brooklyn phone
Brooklyn spike 2

Why would a borough need a graphic identity?

The answer is simple: because every city has a unique identity that should be celebrated. An urban identity becomes so convoluted over the hundreds of years of its construction that we often forget what sets it apart from other metropolises. This project is both a look back to the roots of Brooklyn, and also a step forward in connecting and commending the great diversity within the borough.
Brooklyn ladrillos
Brooklyn moleskine

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