A Branding system for a family company that reinvents itself for the new generations.

Financial Allies.

Cohen’s story is based on a family of tradition, honesty and a great ability to find creative solutions that respond to different scenarios. Founded by Jorge Cohen in 1974, it quickly became one of the most important stock market companies in Buenos Aires. As they grew and incorporated new partners, the need to change the communication strategy and branding towards a new financial market became a priority.

As a starting point of the branding process, we focused on finding Cohen´s DNA and discovered  the concept that would define its new positioning: “Intelligence committed to growth”. Once this has been determined, the company´s symbol transformed into an abstract ladder built from three ascending steps inside a red frame, giving it a context and sense of security.

In terms of graphic communication, everything was completely redesigned to generate language that would appeal to both old and new customers.

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