From architectural facade to branding solutions. A simple but authentic path.

Casa del teatro, is a living entity. In Casa del teatro, past and present of Argentine arts performing coexist. The fundamental concept of this building is represented by its name “house” giving it an entity closer and more flexible than an institutional building. A house is the soul of a family, It is the place where we feel intimate. It is a privileged space where we live our closest and most important realities. It is where all the lines of life of a family intersect.

For the construction of the graphic brand we have taken all these concepts to turn them into a simple elegant and conceptual icon. The lines of the building prove to be the life lines of the actors who have passed and will pass through the “Theater House”. Its simple and synthetic graphic form refers us to the morphology of a house. Marking vertical and horizontal the building has solid foundations although open to a future that will always be in full construction.


Casa del teatro tarjeta
Casa del teatro folleto
Casa del teatro papel
Casa del teatro variaciones

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