Translating branding into identity design for coins.

The journalist Soledad Gil wrote a definition for Argentina: Glorious ending of the American continent. Vast territory with four climates and all the possible geographical sights, inhabited mainly by European immigrants who arrived at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. Only country in the world that is known in the rest of South America for its arrogance, in USA for its scientists, in Europe for its beauty, culture and elegance, and in all the world for Maradona. The Argentine people are optimistic but complaining by nature, used from birth to constant uncertainty.


Trying to put these attributes into symbols, icons and / or graphic forms was a titanic task since we could not get to put more than 4 or 8 icons within a 4.9cm circumference coin. However, we did it. Here we present you the design of the first Argentine coin from Fratelli Branca.


Branca & Cola coin

Branca & Cola, along with mate and wine, is one of the most popular drinks in Argentina. This is why, the challenge of finding a symbol that could represent this drink and translate it into the Second Branca Coin was huge.

We found the solution by designing the typical glass used for the popular Fernet & Cola mix. But that was not all, we also added the Argentinian flag on its silhouette and a colorful background representing the diversity and scope of this unique combination.



Córdoba coin

The Third Coin was also quite a challenge. Córdoba is the geographic center of Argentina. It is also the center of Fernet.

Our goal was to show Córdoba to the world, with its special features and its pride of belonging recognized in the tone of each of its inhabitants.


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